2006 in WZG Huize De Sterrewijzer in Olen
2007 in WZG De Wijngaard in Grobbendonk
2008 in WZG Ter Vlierbeke in Kessel-Lo
2008 in WZG Het Dijlehof in Leuven
2017 : February and March, in the library of a residence in Vorselaar with buttons of Faity tails, Stories...
2018: at the button fair in De Kring, Leuven, on Sunday, July the 1st, the exhibition of the buttons of Fairy tails, Stories, Mythology, Legends and more, will be exposed.
2018: at the end of the year, I have the opportunity to show the most beautiful button(s) of my collection in M-Leuven, the museum of Leuven.